Why Mobility Is The Fountain Of Youth

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Why Mobility Is The Fountain Of Youth

Why is mobility the fountain of youth?  If you don’t have full mobility this puts extreme load on the joints and increases your rate of degeneration and breakdown of your joints. Mobility is full, easy, pain-free range of motion.  Not what you can do after jamming shit into your body.

Chiropractors with specialty training as Integrative Diagnosis Providers and soft tissue injury specialists, Drs. Nottoli gives you practical solutions to living pain-free.

In Live Pain Free Radio, we discuss the fundamentals of full mobility, having proper strength and load management. 

We discuss the importance of paying for a quality provider, why an accurate tissue and pathology diagnosis is needed, why adhesion is important but also misdiagnosed and why treatments that only focus on symptom improvement will make things worse long term.

If you are active or sick and tired of vague answers, poor treatment outcomes and no answers to your pain or injuries this podcast is for you. 

*All information is for educational purposes only and not personal medical advice*

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