The Truth About Your Tight Hamstrings.

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One of the most common questions I receive from my patients is why are my hamstrings always so tight?  Many will say it is because “I don’t stretch enough.” However, hamstring tightness is never because you don’t stretch enough. Stretching can also cause the problem to get worse.  The tightness of any muscle is to protect a problem that is overloading an injured tissue or joint in the body. Below are the three most common reasons hamstrings are tight.  

Disc Injury: When a disc has injured any bending of the lower back places more stress on the injured disc.  Part of the job of the hamstrings is to extend the hip and keep you upright.   If you have an injured disc, the hamstrings will tighten and stay contracted trying to keep you upright to protect the disc and avoid any unwanted load.

Nerve Entrapment of the Sciatic Nerve: Nerve entrapment is extremely common with the sciatic nerve.  For the nerve to be healthy, it has to move and glide between all the tissue from the lower back to the foot. Overuse and abuse cause adhesion to form and the nerve will get stuck and glued to the surrounding tissue causing irritation of the nerve. If the nerve can’t move fully, it will engage the hamstrings sooner and cause tightness.  Another common symptom of this is weak hamstrings.  

Adhesion in the hips and adductors: Adhesion in these areas is like super glue. This will increase pressure and stress the hips, lower back, hamstrings and decreases the range of motion. With this reduction in movement, the joint is more prone to future injuries such as cartilage damage, disc injury, and further degeneration.  The hamstrings help protect this joint by activating earlier than normal and reducing the range of motion.

When you don’t fully correct the above dysfunctions, it will result in tight hamstrings, increase pain, decrease range of motion, decreased performance in athletes and can lead to further degeneration.  It is important that you receive expert diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

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