The Importance Of The Diagnosis

The Importance Of The Diagnosis

The importance of the diagnosis requires a complete specific tissue and pathology diagnosis and must happen first before treatment begins. The treatment must then reduce or fix the problem. If it doesn’t you have the wrong diagnosis or the wrong treatment. This is all too common in the musculoskeletal world.  Health care providers don’t get to choose what’s wrong with their patients.  They have to discover what is wrong.  If they don’t this can lead to a decreased quality of life, frustration and wasted time and finances.

You don’t have to settle for mediocre care anymore. There are providers that excel at discovering what is wrong and put the importance of the diagnosis first. If you or a family member has been through the ringer with no answers don’t give up and keep searching and find a provider at

Chiropractors with specialty training as Integrative Diagnosis Providers and soft tissue injury specialists, Drs. Nottoli gives you practical solutions to living pain-free.

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