Signs and Symptoms Of A Disc Injury

Signs and Symptoms Of A Disc Injury:

Do you Have trouble turning to look while driving because the pain in your neck is too sharp?
Are you always waking up with a stiff neck or back for the first few hours in the morning or longer?
Does your back hurt when you bend over?
Do you notice pain after getting up from sitting?
Do you have pain down your arm or leg?
Do you always have muscle spasms in your back after a hard workout or waking up in the morning?
Do you constantly have your back “go out” for a few days?

The above scenarios are all signs of a current or impending disc injury.

The Most Common Disc Injury:

The most common type of disc injury are disc tears and often won’t involve nerve symptoms. Poor posture, repetitive work movements, and overuse are all equal partners in damaging discs. They put increased pressure on discs causing them to wear down and eventually tear. This is like an egg yolk. The outer layers of discs in our spine are made of dense cartilage that provides structure and support. The inner layer is the egg yolk and has similar characteristics to Jell-O. This inner layer becomes worn down and will eventually begin to leak through and tear the outer layers–causing pain.

Steps to prevent and slow a disc injury:

1. Avoid poor posture, excessive sitting, bending or twisting. So yes, that means sit-ups are bad for your discs.

2. Getting muscle adhesion treated by someone specifically trained like Dr. Nottoli. The most common reason discs become damaged is from muscle adhesion, which is a glue-like substance that sticks muscles, ligaments, and nerves together. Adhesion decreases muscle flexibility which puts increased pressure on the discs they surround–much like a nutcracker or vice grip.

3. Once adhesion has been removed and treated and mobility has been restored you must have adequate strength in the areas that you stress the most that caused the disc to be damaged in the first place.

Most disc injuries do not require surgery but if you don’t get the right treatment or diagnosis they will progress quickly and cause problems (Tiger Woods, Steve Kerr, recent people in the news).

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