A Guide to Dealing with Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain life can be difficult. Especially if it’s in areas of your body that you rely on to move about on a daily basis. Back, neck, shoulder and buttocks pain can be debilitating. But here is the good news. Dr. Nottoli and his specialty in Integrative Diagnosis can provide much-needed relief.

At Vitality Chiropractic Center, we know that sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to understand a problem and innovative treatments to fix it. To amount of mediocre treatment will fix a complex problem. 

Neck Pain Symptoms & Solutions

Neck pain is the 2nd most common problem why patients visit Dr. Nottoli. This is because your neck has to maintain posture all day while at work, driving, exercising or on our phone.  Repetitive stress like poor posture at work or staring down at our phone all day causes undue strain on the neck. This can cause common symptoms of neck pain, trap pain and sometimes include numbness and tingling down the arms and hands. 

These undo stresses can result in soft-tissue adhesion in the muscles. Adhesion acts like super glue and can cause a decrease in strength and flexibility. It can also trap nerves and speed up arthritis and disc injuries. The good news is with expert treatment from a provider like Dr. Nottoli adhesion is reversible. With specific testing of the function of your neck, along with treating adhesion we help fix chronic neck pain.   


Identifying Shoulder Symptoms & Their Causes

If if you have healthy shoulders you should be able to raise your arms overhead with no effort and pain-free. If you have limited mobility and raise your arms overhead you may experience a variety of symptoms. Symptoms can be pinching, aching, tightness or weakness. Again, the most common cause of these types of issues is adhesion, causing nerves and muscles of the shoulder to stick together. More extreme pain could be muscle tears and other joint issues like arthritis. A specific history, testing, and sometimes imaging are needed to properly diagnose.

By treating adhesion and respecting any pathology we help patients with chronic shoulder pain get relief. We also educated on specific exercises and advice for long-term shoulder health. We have great success helping patients avoid pain meds, injections and surgery. 

Treating Lower Back & Buttocks pain

There is a range of causes of back pain. Lower back pain is the number 1 reason patients visit Dr. Nottoli. From poor posture at work, excessive sitting, or poor technique at the gym can all cause lower back issues. Many patients are told they can’t do anything more to help their low back pain. They are only prescribed pain meds and injections that only temporarily decrease pain and mask symptoms. Chemical solutions don’t fix physical problems. To fix lower back pain you must improve the structure and function.

While lower back pain is a mystery to many providers it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need unicorn tears or a magician. With a detailed history and specific testing, we develop the proper diagnosis. We then provide the exact treatments by removing adhesion and proper strength training. 

Issues with the lower back can also cause symptoms throughout the buttocks and legs as well. Any injury of the discs or nerves in the lower back can produce symptoms in the leg that often gets diagnosed as sciatica. While sciatica is a catch-all term for nerve pain in the buttocks or back of the leg, we focus on finding the true cause.

Adhesion again is usually the main culprit and can cause pain like sciatica. Adhesion will glue the sciatic nerve to the muscles and cause a lack of blood supply and motion. The most common area this occurs is in the buttocks region which many call piriformis syndrome. We measure the function of each area so we can diagnose the exact area causing your pain. Whether its a disc injury or a sciatic nerve entrapment from adhesion we have the expertise to diagnose and give you the proper solution.




Working with Vitality Chiropractic Center & Treating Your Issue with Integrative Diagnosis®

You may be wondering how soon you’ll start feeling better if you choose to undergo treatment with Dr. Nottoli. Although the severity of your issue will affect healing time, many of the patients will begin to see sustained results after 4-6 visits.  A single problem area, such as a neck, shoulder or back issue, can often reach a full solution in as little as 12 visits.

Dr. Nottoli has years of experience treating patients with soft-tissue injuries and have helped many of them overcome long-term injuries and chronic pain.

Are you suffering from neck, back, shoulder or buttocks pain? Living with painful symptoms isn’t necessary. But pinpointing the source of the problem and developing the correct course of treatment is if you want to get results. If you have failed treatment with many providers or have had pain longer than 3 months, Call 630-499-4078 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Nottoli.