7 Steps To Treating Your Pain & Injuries Effectively

Patients visit Dr. Nottoli at Vitality Chiropractic Center for many reasons. Everything from sports injuries to chronic pain relief. So how does Dr. Paul Nottoli diagnose the issues his patients have? As an Integrative Diagnosis®-certified practitioner, Dr. Nottoli is a trained specialist to diagnose complex muscle, nerve, and joint issues. Below are the steps on how Dr. Nottoli develops your personalized treatment plan.

Load vs. Capacity

Everything carrying a load will have the greatest capacity, even parts of your body. Once your body has reached its capacity serious issues with major muscles and joints can occur. According to Dr. Nottoli, this is the root cause of all musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints. It’s Dr. Nottoli’s job to find ways to reduce the stress/load on your body and increase your bodies capacity because that is what makes you healthy long-term.

Respect Pathology

Pathology is the study of the nature of diseases, in particular, their structure and the changes they induce. When it comes to the MSK issues often treated with Dr. Nottoli, it’s important to pay attention to the pathology of the area being assessed and treated. For example, we ask the question what is the primary function of a particular muscle or piece of tissue?  We then ask whether it’s currently capable of performing that specific function the tissue was designed for. If it isn’t functioning we must find out the reason why and how to improve its function.

Respect Symptoms

Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us there’s something wrong, but they can also be much more. Many times, symptoms can help doctors diagnose an issue and develop a proper treatment plan. When Dr. Nottoli performs an initial consultation, he’ll ask specific questions about your symptoms you’ve been having.  He will also ask about their location, intensity, which makes them better and what makes them worse. All the symptom data is important to develop your specific diagnosis.

Measure Everything (That is Important)

Through the use of a variety of specialized and specific testing, Dr. Nottoli can determine the proper function of your problem. These tests are the blood pressure tests for your joints. By measuring your function we also have starting points to measure your progress. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and if it doesn’t move it must improve.


At this stage, Dr. Nottoli will tell you a specific tissue and pathology diagnosis. Many people are told they are “tight”, something is “weak” or they have some type of syndrome. These are only symptoms or a collection of symptoms they aren’t a diagnosis. With a tissue and pathology specific diagnosis, we now can come up with the proper treatment plan to treat your pain or injury. If you don’t have a specific diagnosis treating your problem is like shooting an arrow in the opposite direction blindfolded.


Treatment comes in three varieties: manual therapy, exercise, and advice. Often, a treatment plan involving all three will be recommended. All treatments main goal is to reduce load and increase the capacity of your body. All treatment is also to fix or reduce your diagnosis. This helps you live and function pain-free.


All communication and advice are to help you understand your progress and to help you reach your results as fast and safely as possible. We always want to preserve the future self of you.

Your First Visit with Dr. Nottoli

When you visit Vitality Chiropractic Center for your initial consult. Dr. Nottoli will determine whether you’re a good candidate for treatment and get more familiar with your case. We want to make sure we are the best office to fix your problem.

Your Second Visit with Dr. Nottoli

If you are a candidate for treatment will then set you up with your comprehensive exam. This appointment with Dr. Nottoli will last around 45 minutes. After performing an Integrative Diagnosis® exam, reviewing medical records, images and establishing a diagnosis, he’ll propose a treatment plan.

Your Treatment Plan & Pain Relief

You might be wondering what you can expect out of a treatment plan. How soon will you start feeling better? On average, a single problem area, such as the shoulder or lower back, can reach a full solution in as few as 12 visits. Most will begin to feel reduced pain and functional improvement after 4-6 visits.

The treatment will consist of finding and fixing adhesion, which is the most common and under-diagnosed condition in the human body. Fortunately, it’s also the most treatable condition as well when done by an expert like Dr. Nottoli.  Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that act like glue. Adhesion causes limited flexibility, also addition pain and reduced function.

Your Follow-Up Visits

Although the duration and frequency of your follow-up visits will depend upon your complaint and treatment, they often last an average of 15 minutes. The goal during these visits is to get you back on track with as little pain as possible.

Start the healing process today!

As one of the only chiropractic centers in Illinois certified in Integrative Diagnosis®, Dr. Nottoli prides himself on being a master of injuries and master of function. While Dr. Nottoli has his doctorate in Chiropractic he practices and is a soft tissue injury specialist.

This involves a high level of expert diagnosis as well as expert and elite treatment of adhesion. He has treated hundreds of patients who have overcome long-term injuries and discomfort.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or other muscle issues, and have failed treatment with 3 or more providers, Vitality Chiropractic Center can help. Click here to schedule your consultation or contact our staff by calling 630-499-4078.