How To Cause Early Degeneration In Your Spine

What Poor Postures Do To Your Neck?

We all have to work.  But do to technology evolving faster than humans can adapt to it we put excessive stress and strain on our joints especially our neck.  As you read this, you are probably slouched forward. In fact, poor postures load the discs in our spine 300% more than healthy upright postures! That is insane when you consider that the discs are our shock absorbers and spacers between each spinal segment. Once these are damaged–either suddenly or chronically–our nerves can become pinched, and our joints begin to compress causing chronic pain.

Over time, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons start to become weak and shortened due to adhesion formation. Adhesion is a build-up of fibrous tissue from the poor oxygen and blood supply. Once adhesion gets bad enough no amount of stretching, foam rolling, smashing, or exercising will fix your postural problem or your neck pain. This means that your discs and joints are continuously being loaded and compressed leading to degeneration, osteoarthritis, and more pain.

How do I know if it’s too late to fix on my own?

Below is a picture of a simple test to see how well your neck moves in normal ranges of motion. First start with your heels, butt, shoulders, and back of the head against a wall. If you can’t do this, initially you have already failed the test. Then with your jaw line parallel to the floor, move your chin in and slightly down toward your neck making a double chin–your head should slide up the wall without losing contact. If you can barely move or you have pain, then you fail the test. Finally, as the picture shows below, your chin should easily touch your collar bones without pain or strain. If you cannot touch or you overshoot your collar bones, you have failed the test. If you have passed these first couple tests, then there’s still time to fix your posture on your own. I recommend watching a few videos online regarding postural exercises and deliberately set more breaks throughout the day. Work productivity studies all prove that short bursts with multiple breaks throughout the day improves focus and reduces fatigue.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.24.14 PM

(photos on the left represent abnormal neck motion, the right represent healthier range of motion as described above).

What can I do if I failed the tests or I’m already in pain?

The good news is that adhesion can be treated and completely reversed by an expert trained in Integrative Diagnosis! Even if you already have been diagnosed with disc degeneration, arthritis, disc bulge/herniation you can still be helped. Dr. Paul at Vitality Chiropractic Center specializes in getting you a complete and accurate diagnosis, as well as treating adhesion. You simply cannot have a healthy neck and discs if your posture is terrible and your muscles are full of adhesion. Adhesion is also the most commonly missed condition, so if you have already tried other treatments with little or no success, then we invite you to experience the difference. You have nothing to lose and the long term health of your neck to gain–you only have one and surgery is a last resort treatment! Contact us at 630-499-4078 or schedule an appointment online.