Are You Still Having Foot And Heel Pain?

What is this pain?

Most people have heard or been diagnosed with “plantar fasciitis.” This is the label commonly given to anyone experiencing pain anywhere close to the bottom of the heel or arch of the foot. The usual symptoms are pain first thing in the morning or after rest, pain with prolonged activities like running/walking, and pain with prolonged standing. Most people will have a sweet spot of activity when symptoms are not present, but it’s like you’re stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day each morning when the heel pain returns. There are also many variations of symptoms in between, but suffice it to say that it hurts like hell and seems like it will never go away! In fact, over time, it usually gets worse.

Typical Treatments:

The standard treatments for this condition are rest, ice, stretching, NSAIDs, injections, and braces. Some other “non-traditional” treatments may consist of taping, massage, varieties of electrical stimulation, and lasers. If you are fortunate the rest alone may have alleviated your symptoms but be ready for the pain to return. If you’re most people suffering from the chronic problem these treatments don’t help. So the next question most people ask is why?

The Real Story:

The reason why most of the treatments fail to actually fix the problem is that the problem was never fully understood from the start. Think of it this way–if your car had a broken part and the mechanic replaced the wrong part, your car is still broken.

So this chronic heel pain is classified as an inflammation problem when in fact it’s degenerative. The muscles and tendons in the foot get loaded with adhesion and the tendon breaks down–leaving it weak and unable to handle the daily stress.

Over time, this cycle continues to worsen because most of the “treatments” listed above make the adhesion and tendon degeneration worse!

It Can Be Fixed!

The good news is that Dr. Paul Nottoli at Vitality Chiropractic Center is an expert at finding and fixing adhesion and tendon degeneration! His state of the art treatment methods has helped patients fully recover from years of chronic heel/foot pain without drugs or surgery.

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