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Featured on NCTV 17, Small Business Connection, Dec 2010

 Small Business of the Year Award Nominee, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, 2011

Featured in the Naperville Sun, Chiropractors Help Humans and their Pets

Announced as Small Business of the Year Award Nominee

Featured on NCTV17 New Broadcast, Starting a Small Business During a Recession, July 2011

Mentioned in Heads or Tails- a memoir, by David Sharos

Dr. Nottoli featured as one of the “40 Fascinating Faces of 2011″ in Glancer Magazine, Dec 2011, see the actual page here.

Dr. O’Connor featured in “Expert Perspectives on Canine Health” in Naperville Dog Magazine, Jan 2012, pgs 18-19

Dr. Nottoli announced as Official Chiropractor of the DuPage County Hounds, Mar 2012.

Dr. O’Connor featured in “Animal Chiropractic Success Stories” on Mercola Healthy Pets, Apr 2012.

Dr. O’Connor featured in “Chiropractic Care for Your Pets” on SheKnows, Jun 2012.

Awarded “Best Chiropractor” in Naperville Magazine, 2012

Featured on The Ladies Room, NCTV17 show, 2013

Awarded “Best Chiropractor Runner Up” in Naperville Magazine, 2013

Small Business of the Year Nominee, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, 2014

Awarded “Best Chiropractor Runner Up” in Naperville Magazine, 2014

Dr. O’Connor featured in “Wellness Fair Goes to the Dogs” in The Daily Herald, 2015

Dr. O’Connor featured in “An Animal Chiropractor Can Improve Your Dog’s Life” on DogTube, 2015