Working With Dr. Paul Nottoli

If you have pain during your sport, exercise, work, or just moving throughout the day then you are an excellent candidate for this type of assessment and treatment. Again, we respect that your time is valuable and as a result, Dr. Nottoli is not focused on treating the symptoms, but rather finding out the cause of your symptoms so he can eliminate the problem and get you back to your work and activities.

This is a very intensive process on Dr. Nottoli’s part to make sure you get the results you need. At times, this may happen very quickly, but only because Dr. Nottoli is highly skilled at his profession. His job is to fix everything he can and eliminate pain, restore function, and respect any problem that cannot be fixed conservatively so you have a clear path to health.

“I already see a Chiropractor, PT, massage therapist, etc so why do I need to see you?” It’s great that you take responsibility for your health and are treating problems conservatively before they get worse. You may need to see Dr. Nottoli if you are not improving or have improved but you are not back to full activity without pain. Dr. Nottoli is highly skilled at restoring function first so you don’t have pain when you perform your daily tasks, exercise, or sport. Think of it this way, if your problem requires a certain type of treatment or treatment to a specific area of the body and it’s not being addressed, it likely won’t fully resolve. You can’t hammer a nail effectively with a screwdriver.