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Paul Nottoli D.C.

Soft Tissue Injury Specialist

Helping People And Athletes

Live Pain-Free, Move Better, And Perform At Their Best

Erin O’Connor D.C., C.A.C

Helping your pets live at their fullest potential

Expert Treatment And Understanding The Stressors

That Affect Your Dogs Spine & Nervous System.

Conditions Treated By Dr. Paul 


Low back pain

Neck pain



Adhesions/scar tissue

Myalgia (muscle pain)

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tennis or Golfer’s elbow

Jumper’s or runner’s knee

Shin splints

Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)


Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Injuries

IT band syndrome


Conditions Treated By Dr. Erin


Sudden back leg paralysis

Dragging of the back legs

Muscle imbalances, spasms or atrophy

Limping, lameness, abnormal gait, abnormal posture

Holding tail to one side

Abnormal shaking of the head

Injuries from falls, training, etc.


Neurological conditions

Weak immune system

Agility Performance

Dr. Paul is the best! No matter how I manage to mangle myself up, Dr. Nottoli keeps me going!


I can’t explain the difference Dr. Nottoli has made in my life and my overall well-being. He found the source of my headaches and improved my mobility, even within the first visit! I have gone back and forth with Chiropractors for the last 5 years due to an old neck injury, shoulder issues and back pain and at one point, I was even getting manually adjusted up to 3 times a week! Dr. Nottoli worked on the soft tissue and the ACTUAL SOURCE of all the pain and discomfort. I feel like a completely different person. I can now enjoy running, Crossfit and work an entire shift pain-free. I refer all of my friends and loved ones to his care. Dr. Nottoli is one of a kind and I feel blessed for having found him! Thanks, Doc!!


My Maltese would have had surgery if I didn’t find Dr. Erin to treat Bruno. Five stars does not seem like enough!


I started bringing my 13 yr old labrador in, at first monthly and then increasing his visits as needed as he aged. Dr. O’Connor’s adjustments made such a difference in keeping him going in his old, old age until he passed away at 15. Any future pets will be making the trek to Aurora to get adjusted. Thank you Dr. O’C for the great care you took of Wilbur!


New Patient Forms-Dr Paul

New Patient Forms-Dr. Erin

Vet Approval Forms

We work in conjunction with about 125 veterinary clinics in the Chicagoland area and beyond. If this happens to be the first time working with your vet, please allow 1-2 days for us to receive this fax back. Your pet will NOT be seen unless we have this completed. There are some vets in the area that are confident and comfortable with our services and have a letter of approval on file for any of their patients seeking care, which helps to streamline this process. Of course, if a patient is not a candidate for animal chiropractic or needs further diagnostics from their vet before receiving care, we will not treat and refer to the patient’s vet as necessary.